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Our owner’s roughly 20 years in the mortgage business allows us to operate with extreme efficiency in regards to writing mortgages. Unlike other banks, we do not have branches and offices in almost every town. We don’t have to worry about offering you checking accounts, CD, credit cards and other banking products. We do mortgages, and we do them faster, better, and cheaper than everyone else.

In short, no. We are the best at originating mortgages. We have partnered with the best loan servicers in the industry to give our customers the best servicing experience. Your loan will be transferred to your servicer immediately after closing, so your first payment starts with your permanent servicer.

Really…. you don’t. We don’t feel charging an application fee is the right way to do business. We pull your credit, give you our loan terms, offer to lock your interest rate, all with no money upfront from you!

There are several variables that go into a customer’s interest rate. They are called Loan Level Price Adjustments. Anytime you see rates advertised, there is a large paragraph of fine print stating the terms of that loan. We don’t feel that is the best way to serve our customers. All you have to do is talk to a loan officer for a few minutes, and we will prepare a tailored quote for your individual situation. Simple, easy, and accurate.


Send us a message and a qualified mortgage expert will guide you through our stress-free loan process. 

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